What makes a Great Manager?

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Interestingly, when i created this page i started by calling it “Good Managers” but i like the term “Great Managers” better.

Borrowing an Abbreviation from one of my Managers and adding my own twist.

V.V.P.S.T ( Visible, Vocal , Positive, Safe and Trusted)

Be Visible

Be Vocal

Be Positive

Make people feel Safe and Trusted (see the above You Tube Video by Simon Sinek)

A few Additions i have learnt along the way

small things – give people recognition tell them well done, sometimes small things can be very powerful one that sticks in my mind was turning up to shift work on Xmas Eve on my own covering 3 datacenters and monitoring 100 of computer systems to find by boss had left be a 2£ Xmas selection box

really listen and take an interest in people

understand what makes different people tick.

don’t let other people pass their problem on their back to you, empower colleagues to make their own decisions.

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