The Secret to Getting Anything You Want in Life

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Achieving success in life is often perceived as a complex puzzle. Jennifer Cohen, a distinguished fitness and wellness expert, offers an insightful approach to unraveling this puzzle. Her philosophy not only encourages a proactive and bold attitude but also highlights the significance of embracing failure as a learning tool. Here’s a deeper dive into her principles, including the crucial concept of a “10% Target Mindset.”

1. The Boldness Factor

Cohen advocates for audacity in pursuing life’s goals. She believes success isn’t solely the fruit of hard work and talent but also stems from an unyielding, fearless pursuit of one’s aspirations. This encompasses stepping beyond comfort zones, embracing risk-taking, and confidently asserting your needs and desires.

2. Harnessing the Power of Asking

A pivotal aspect of Cohen’s philosophy is the art of asking. Many hold back, hindered by the fear of rejection or feelings of unworthiness. Cohen encourages breaking free from these shackles, asserting that the simple act of asking not only opens new avenues but also fortifies self-assurance.

3. Networking: Creating Meaningful Connections

Cohen emphasizes the value of building a strong network. Establishing meaningful relationships in your professional sphere can lead to significant opportunities and support. She stresses authentic engagement over mere transactional connections.

4. Resilience: The Persistence Paradigm

Persistence is celebrated in Cohen’s approach. Life’s journey to success is fraught with challenges and setbacks. She underscores the need for resilience – the ability to persist in the face of obstacles, viewing failures as critical learning moments.

5. Balance and Wellness: The Holistic Approach

Cohen, with her expertise in fitness, advocates for a harmonious balance between physical and mental well-being. Striving for goals should not come at the cost of health. A sound mind and body can exponentially boost one’s capacity for success.

6. The 10% Target Mindset: Embracing Failure

A novel addition to Cohen’s philosophy is the “10% Target Mindset.” This concept revolves around normalizing and learning from failure. It suggests that getting accustomed to failing 90% of the time and succeeding just 10% is a healthy and realistic approach. Each failure is a lesson, honing skills and strengthening resolve.


Jennifer Cohen’s revised strategy for achieving what you want in life is a blend of boldness, the art of asking, effective networking, unwavering persistence, holistic well-being, and, importantly, the 10% Target Mindset. Her insights encourage us to see beyond conventional notions of success, embracing failures as indispensable learning experiences.