Time management

largely taken from

and https://www.udemy.com/course/productivity-and-time-management/learn/lecture/3958682#overview

My takeaways:

  • We have 168 hours in a week which is a lot of time.
  • There is Time, Build the life you want from the time you have.
  • Let presume you are in a full time job =40 hours
    • sleeping 8 hours a night = 56 hours.
  • That Leaves 72 hours for other things.
  • Think about turning of Tech i.e phones and Tv
  • Could you find 8 hours in your week if your car broke down while driving your child to school? So time is there if it’s a high enough priority.
  • Time is highly elastic you cannot make more time, it can though stretch to accommodate what we choose to put in it. (Parkinson’s law)
  • So the key is prioritize those really important items and treat it with the importance of a broken car.
  • For the average person, I don’t have time really means it’s not important enough.
  • Tops tips use Top priorities for the day and week.
  • Plan your day, block out time, turn off phone and close slack and emails
  • Don’t try and multitask, stay focused on 1 core task at a time. You will get stuff done quicker overall as with a distraction on average it takes 15 mins to get back in the flow
  • Don’t let email and Slack interrupt and overly dictate your day.
  • Try and find solutions to save your time through things like automation
  • use Parkisons law to your benefit (think about working hard to a deadline )
  • the Jack Dorsey approach – think about having a theme for each day & batch activities i.e emails , training etc
  • Make use of “Dead” time (for example while you are travelling to work, 10 mins between meetings)
  • Think of your day as being like a Formula One race, you need to build in pit-stops (breaks) to get the most out of the race (day). You cannot run at 100% the whole day and race.

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