Time Blocking

My take aways

  1. Plan every minute by blocking off time for all activities to optimize your day.
  2. Reduce context switching by scheduling related tasks together for greater efficiency.
  3. Time-blocking helps clarify your priorities and work goals.
  4. The “Parkinson’s Law” states that tasks expand to fill the time available for them, so allocate time wisely.
  5. Avoid time-blocking on weekends for flexibility.
  6. Schedule important tasks at the beginning of the day.
  7. Include a block for quick, small tasks and also for breaks and relaxation.
  8. Complete tasks within their assigned time blocks and include buffer time, like 15 minutes, to wrap up.
  9. During time blocks, stay focused and avoid distractions.
  10. Limit the scope of what you focus on, such as choosing one article to read instead of many.
  11. Replace idle mobile usage with engaging in new hobbies when you’re bored.

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