The subtle art of not giving a fuck

Table of Contents


Is a self-help book that challenges conventional self-help advice. Rather than promoting endless positivity and goal-chasing, Manson argues that life is limited and involves struggle, and we should be careful about what we devote our energy and concern to.

Key Points

  1. Not All Problems Are Equal: Manson suggests that life is about solving problems, and the quality of our life depends on the quality of problems we choose to solve.
  2. Choose What to Give a F*ck About: Manson argues that you have a finite amount of things you can care about, so choose them wisely. Focusing on trivial matters will only drain you.
  3. Take Responsibility: While you can’t control everything that happens to you, you can control your reactions. Ownership of your choices and their outcomes is key to dealing with life’s challenges.
  4. Embrace Uncertainty: It’s okay to admit you don’t have all the answers. Manson argues that the pursuit of certainty leads to an obsession with what others think and creates a life of constant performance.
  5. The Importance of Being Wrong: Being wrong and learning from it is a stepping stone to ultimate success and self-awareness. Manson encourages embracing failures as learning experiences.
  6. The Value of Suffering: Manson introduces the concept of “Pain Tolerance” in achieving worthwhile goals. Essentially, some suffering is inevitable and necessary for growth and satisfaction.
  7. Death as Motivation: One of the most sobering chapters deals with mortality, urging readers to consider their limited time on Earth as a motivator to focus on what truly matters.


In summary, the book advocates for a more thoughtful approach to life’s challenges, urging the reader to be selective in what they care about and focus on struggles that have meaning and are genuinely worth the effort.

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