Organize Tomorrow Today

Table of Contents

Work Smarter, Not Just Harder

  • Plan ahead to make the most of each day.
  • Identify top 3 priorities and one ‘must-do’ item. Set deadlines for each.

Time Management Analogy

Think like a farmer: Balance is crucial between tasks that generate immediate revenue and those that ensure long-term growth. An excessive focus on either short-term gains or long-term strategies can lead to imbalance and potential problems.

  1. 100-second Timeout
    • Take a 15-second centering breath.
    • Repeat an identity statement.
    • Reflect on three things you’ve done well and plan three behaviors you’ll execute well in the next 24 hours.
    • Close with another centering breath.
  2. Ask and Chop
    • Ask yourself what the most important next task is.
    • Visualize “chopping off” a manageable first action to make it easier to start.

Incorporate these techniques to make each day a masterpiece and sustain momentum.

“Forget about everything except hard work & intelligent planning”

This to me is a great way of explaining it , imagine these are basketballs you will shoot during the day

With intelligent planning, this becomes

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