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“Be In The Room” is a philosophy propagated by Nigel Risner, a well-regarded motivational speaker. The essence of this philosophy is to encourage individuals to be fully present and engaged in whatever situation they find themselves, thereby enhancing their relationships and effectiveness in their endeavors. Below is a detailed explanation

The Details

  1. Concentration on the Task at Hand
    • The phrase “Be In The Room” signifies focusing 100% on the ongoing task or conversation, whether it’s in a meeting, a challenge that has been set, or any other situation that requires your attention. This implies being mentally and physically present to ensure that the task is completed effectively​1​​2​.
  2. Being in the Present:
    • The philosophy also extends to being in the present moment, which is crucial for transforming one’s life, career, or even making a broader impact. Being fully present helps in building stronger relationships and achieving set goals​3​.
  3. Avoiding Distractions:
    • It’s common to find oneself in situations where the mind wanders, even during critical times. This diversion is detrimental as it can significantly reduce the effort put into the task and can have a counter-productive effect on the respect gained from others and for oneself. If you find your attention drifting, the idea is to bring yourself back to the room and refocus on the ongoing task or conversation​2​.
  4. Enhancing Respect and Interaction:
    • By giving full, undivided attention during interactions or tasks, individuals show respect to others involved, which in turn, garners respect for themselves. It’s about being interested, getting involved, and thinking about what one can contribute rather than what can be gained from the situation​2​.
  5. Applicability in Daily Life:
    • The philosophy is not confined to formal settings like meetings but extends to everyday interactions and tasks, emphasizing the importance of being fully engaged regardless of the perceived significance of the situation​2​.
  6. Improving Meeting Efficiency:
    • Aligning with the philosophy of being fully present, it is suggested that meetings should be concise and never exceed 20 minutes to ensure everyone remains engaged and the objectives are met efficiently​2​.
  7. Self-awareness:
    • It also ties back to self-awareness and understanding the importance of being in the “room” in one’s personal and professional life, which is crucial for success and effective communication with others​4​.

This philosophy, as simple as it seems, can have profound effects on personal and professional effectiveness, relationships, and overall success.


is a philosophy advocated by motivational speaker Nigel Risner, emphasizing the importance of being fully present and engaged in the current task or interaction. It encourages individuals to concentrate wholly on the ongoing situation, whether in meetings or daily tasks, to enhance relationships, respect from others, and overall effectiveness.

By avoiding distractions, being interested, and involved, individuals can transform their personal and professional lives, making a broader impact. This philosophy, extending to every aspect of life, promotes self-awareness, efficient communication, and a mindful approach to daily engagements.

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