Who am i?

I read a quote talking referring to classical music on you tube but it can be expanded to many parts of our current work and life. It went something like this ….

We are so lucky to live in this world , over a century ago we would have been able to watch a world class music performance once in a lifetime today we can re-watch it every day.

I think the same applies to learning today. We have so much skill and knowledge at our fingertips.

So on to the reasons for this blog.

I am a techie based in the UK with over 20 years of IT experience.

I want to share knowledge with anyone who might find it helpful.

The source of information in the posts includes sourcing data from but not limited to:

  • You tube
  • Udemy
  • Work colleagues
  • Past Experience
  • Books i have read

a Lot of the images on the pages are AI generated from DALL-E.

My main approach with articles is to make my own notes on a topic and then ask Chatgbt to help create a blog article by expanding on my points. Then i refine that article as appropriate.

Other area projects on the go are included in:


My professional stuff:


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